Gartner Report

"Competitive Landscape: Hyperautomation Service Providers"

Gartner recognised Winning Formula’s powerful role in the Intelligent Automation industry in its 2020 global report “Competitive Landscape: Hyperautomation Service Providers”. This is a testament to our team’s consistent delivery of great ROI to our clients through speedy transformation experiences time and time again.

We couldn’t have done it without our amazing clients in 2020, all of whom trusted us to push the boundaries to deliver the inspiring use cases that stood out to Gartner’s analysts.

Among other strengths, the report acknowledges our team’s unique and competitive approach which emphasizes “Process Excellence and change management prior to automation development” in true Lean 6/Sigma fashion. It also captures our all-rounder hyperautomation partnership approach, highlighting our work with vendors across the board, including with Microsoft, UiPath, ABBYY and Automation Anywhere. Such diverse technology offerings assist our delivery of the most cost-effective solutions, tailored to each clients’ unique needs, to help entire organisations stay ahead of the curve.

Cover of CIO Advisor

Our very own Managing Director, Wassim Soliman, was interviewed for the December, 2019 cover of CIO Advisor Magazine to share his insight into Winning Formula’s Gateway to Process Excellence. In this interview, he highlighted the importance of combining traditional consulting strategies with disruptive technologies when leading organisations into a new era of innovation where Process Excellence and Intelligent Automation go hand-in-hand.

Top 10 for 3 consecutive years (CIO)

For three consecutive years (2018, 2019, 2020), Winning Formula has been named by CIO Advisor Magazine as one of the Top 10 Robotic Process Automation Consulting Services Companies in the entire Asia-Pacific Region. This is a testament to our ground-breaking use of disruptive technology mixes when conducting transformation journeys with our clients.

"A Winning Formula for Combining AI with Process Automation"


This case study was published by idm. in 2021 and highlights the growing importance of implementing Intelligent Automation in hyper-competitive business landscapes. Since 2019, we’ve been working with Residential and Commercial Property Management company, Civium, to position them ahead of the curve. By streamlining and automating a number of business processes, Civium has set up an efficient digital workforce that allows its staff to focus more on gratifying and value-adding activities. Click on the link below to see more of what Civium had to say about the incredible results that our partnership was able to achieve for their business.


"Winning Formula deploys RPA at Smartgroup"

CRN Article

This article published in September, 2019 brings to the forefront the remarkable advancements achieved by Winning Formula in collaboration with Smartgroup, the leading Australian salary packaging company. Such advancements included the streamlining and deployment of 45 highly automated processes, resulting in a six-figure revenue increase and significant improvements in customer service. Despite the development of a digital workforce, all of these achievements were made without negatively impacting existing jobs, aligning with Smartgroup’s commitment to ensure that no jobs would be lost as a result of automation. In fact, the introduction of a digital workforce benefitted employees by ridding them of repetitive, mundane tasks which ultimately allowed them to shift their focus towards more value-adding activities, translating to improved customer experiences and increased revenue.